Bophelo Pele performed a large number of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcisions in OrangeFarm, Gauteng. The site was a reference site for research on implementation of VMMCprograms and effects of VMMC on the general populations including women.Manyprograms from all over the continent visited the site and have fond memories of seeing oneof the first VMMC sites on the continent in action.Now Bophelo Pele is back doing VMMC as direct service delivery as a subpartner of the RT35 Treasury funding mechanism in the WestRand District. During the recent winter highdemand season, Bophelo Pele performed a large number of safe VMMCs there.

Early morning before the big clean-up to get the room ready for many safe Voluntary Medical Male circumcisions. 

Young boys waiting their turn to get Circumcised.  In just a few years the decision they made today will start to benefit them, as their exposure to HIV infection will be hugely reduced.

Parents of boys under the age of 18 attend the clinic with them to sign consent for the VMMC procedure.

Dedicated staff members make sure that all the paperwork is done accurately before each procedure.

Nursing staff preparing for the day’s VMMC procedures.  Sealed sterilized packs in the foreground will remain closed until needed.